Convinced that design means more than a nice form, Beat Karrer and his team touch continuously related work fields with the goal to generate extra value. FluidSolids® raised from the research into innovative and ecological materials. The aim was to develop a material that matches the design needs instead of adapting the design to the material properties.

Nowadays a transdisciplinary team of chemists, engineers, process technicians and designers is working on new material compositions, specific formulas and their adaptation for industrial processing. FluidSolids AG is a privately hold, independent corporation based in Zürich.

Beat Karrer, Founder and CEO, Designer SDA
Philippe Jacot, R&D, Dipl. Designer BA, email: jacot (at) fluidsolids (dot) com
Dr. Francesca Tancini, R&D, Chemist, email: tancini (at) fluidsolids (dot) com
Marc Bernold, Production, Polymechanic EFZ, email: bernold (at) fluidsolids (dot) com
Daniel Schneider, Operations, Dipl. Sales coordinator ifks, email: schneider (at) fluidsolids (dot) com

Academic – Partner
Rapperswil University of applied science
Institute for materials technology and plastic processing
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schwendemann and team

Members of the Board
Dr. Peter Troxler, Dr. sc. techn., Technology, Management and Economics
Pascal Stübi, Serial Entrepreneur
Tobias Lutz, CEO / Entrepreneur
Beat Karrer, Founder and CEO, Designer SDA